Who Is A Secret Lover?

What is the meaning of secret?

1a : something kept hidden or unexplained : mystery.

b : something kept from the knowledge of others or shared only confidentially with a few.

c : a method, formula, or process used in an art or operation and divulged only to those of one’s own company or craft : trade secret..

What is opposite of lover?

Opposite of a husband or lover. wife. girlfriend.

What does lover and friend mean?

A friend is someone with whom we have fun and can share our deepest secrets with if we’re really close with them; they are someone we go to the movies with or watch a sports game together. A lover is often just the same, only with an added sexual layer to the relationship, and an overall greater intensity.

What are secret words?

Words related to secret secluded, covert, classified, undisclosed, private, undercover, mysterious, unknown, underground, furtive, hush-hush, obscure, unpublished, confidential, secretive, surreptitious, restricted, mystery, code, key.

Can a lover become a friend?

As Brenner says, it’s totally possible to be friends with someone who was once a hookup partner, as long as you’re both on the same page about sex no longer being on the table. “Try to meet the person from a new place,” Brenner adds. “Holding onto past patterns from the romance will spell doom for the friendship.

What’s the difference between a lover and a boyfriend?

As nouns the difference between lover and boyfriend is that lover is one who loves and cares for another person in a romantic way; a sweetheart, love, soulmate, boyfriend, or girlfriend while boyfriend is a male partner in a romantic relationship.

How do you spell Trist?

noun. an appointment to meet at a certain time and place, especially one made somewhat secretly by lovers. an appointed meeting. an appointed place of meeting.

What’s a deeper word for love?

1, 2. Love, affection, devotion all mean a deep and enduring emotional regard, usually for another person.

What is called lover?

A lover is someone who you sleep with and makes love to you. A lover can be the love of your life, but very often the rapport is one of lust and passion and the relationship will eventually fizzle out. … You do not necessarily have to have slept with someone before calling them “my love”.

What does a lover girl mean?

Noun. lovergirl (plural lovergirls) A female lover, especially a young one. Coordinate term: loverboy.

How can I call my lover?

AffectionateSweetie or sweetie pie.Pookie.Pumpkin.Lamb chop.Darling.Honey.Muffin.Precious.More items…

What is the meaning of girlfriend?

A girlfriend is a female friend or acquaintance, often a regular female companion with whom one is platonic, romantically or sexually involved. This is normally a short-term committed relationship, where other titles (e.g., wife or partner) are more commonly used for long-term relationships.

What does Lover mean to a man?

1. countable noun. Someone’s lover is someone who they are having a sexual relationship with but are not married to.

What is a romantic tryst?

1 : an agreement (as between lovers) to meet. 2 : an appointed meeting or meeting place.

What does it mean when a guy calls you Lover Girl?

Lover girl is mostly used to mock someone. For example, you see your friend flirting with another girl. But you don’t know if she is actually your friend’s girlfriend.

What is a secret meeting?

A meeting is when people get together for any reason. But when they are sneaking to meet, notably as secret lovers, it’s called a tryst. The origin of the word tryst comes from Middle English, and originally referred to a designated hunting station. The word tryst might also suggest a hint of danger or intrigue. …

How do you use tryst in a sentence?

Tryst in a Sentence 🔉The lovers meet at a sleazy motel when they want to have a tryst. … Since my boyfriend is married, he and I only get together for a tryst whenever his wife is out of town. … The congressman’s tryst with the prostitute will probably end his political career.More items…