Question: What ID Is Acceptable For Western Union?

Can you send money through Western Union without an ID?

Sending money with Western Union from an agent location doesn’t require credit cards, debit cards or bank accounts.

But you will need to show a valid ID..

Can you use an expired ID to pick up Western Union?

Can I pick up money without my ID if its expired? Well, without a valid piece of government-issued photo ID, you won’t be able to pick up the money.” Western Union asks for the expiration date on photo ID, so this transaction will not go through.”

Does Western Union require an ID?

You can pick up the money at any Western Union agent location. … The tracking number ( MTCN – Money Transfer Control Number). Acceptable ID documents are also required.

What kind of ID can you use for Western Union?

If you need to pick up money at Western Union agent location, please present a valid International passport, National Identity Card, Driver’s License, Residence ID (for foreigners), Foreigner’s document.

What documents do I need to pick up money from Western Union?

In order to pick up money you will have to:Complete the To Receive Money form.Give the form to the Agent clerk with your government-issued photo ID.Please provide Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN).Review and sign the receipt.The Agent clerk will give you the money and a copy of the receipt.

What information do I need to receive money from Western Union?

Receive MoneyVisit an Agent Location: Use our online Agent locator to find a location near you.Provide the following information to the Agent Clerk. Correct money transfer control number (MTCN). Sender’s name. Where money was sent from. Expected amount. Valid ID. Test question and answer (if applicable)Receive the Money.

Can someone else pick up my Western Union money for me?

No. Only the person the money was sent to can pick up the money. Your ID is required. If you are unable to pick the money up yourself, you can request the sender to change the name to someone that can get the money for you.

Is birth certificate a valid ID?

A postal ID’s primary use is to verify a person’s identity and address, but it can also be used as a valid ID for any transactions concerning government agencies and banks. Documents needed: … Proof of identity (NSO-issued birth certificate, SSS UMID card, Passport, or Driver’s License)