Question: Did Mouse Kill Fezco?

Is Nate Jacobs in love with Jules?

Though Jules hates Nate for blackmailing and threatening her, she has an attraction to him, as she is still in love with his “Tyler” persona.

Nate seems to continue to have feelings for Jules as well, following her, watching her house at night, staring at her and complimenting her to Rue..

What happens to Fezco?

In the finale, Fez got desperate and robbed a man’s house in order to get the money he needed, but when he was confronted, Fez ended up beating the homeowner within an inch of his life in order to get his cash and get away.

Who gets robbed in euphoria?

Will Fezco get shot? Another character whose life is in question is Fez, who was forced to rob a wealthy doctor in order to repay his debt to the drug lord Mouse. But it turns out the doctor he robbed was actually Mouse’s drug provider, and Mouse noticed a blood stain on the money that Fez handed over.

Did Nate die in euphoria?

Rue kills Nate scene I Euphoria.

Did Jules cheat on Rue?

That’s pretty clear when Rue describes feeling hurt that Jules cheated on her when she went to Los Angeles, but then proceeds to gloss over the fact, or not acknowledge, that the two of them never said they were dating. … “Jules feels the pressure of Rue’s sobriety resting on her,” Hunter Schafer noted in the featurette.

Is ashtray Fezco brother?

Ashtray and his brother, Fezco, are the plug for Rue (played by Zendaya), an addict who spends a summer in rehab and grapples with sobriety. … In real life, the actor who plays Ashtray is much more innocent than the pint-sized dealer: he’s an impressive boxing champion and gymnast named Javon “Wanna” Walton from Georgia.

Did Rue die in euphoria finale?

Rue overdosed and died. At the end of the episode, we see Rue walk home in tears after being abandoned by Jules.

Did McKay get assaulted?

In a particularly brutal scene this week, McKay is getting intimate with Cassie when multiple masked men break down his door and assault him, seemingly as part of a hazing ritual.

Is Rue dead?

The 2019 Euphoria finale left fans gasping and wondering if beloved lead character Rue Bennet (Zendaya) had died of an overdose in “And Salt the Earth Behind You’s” last seconds. … However, creator Sam Levinson is here to officially confirm Rue is not dead.

Who is Fez taking care of?

Early on, it was shown that Fez takes care of his ailing grandmother who’s bedridden and seemingly unaware that he runs a trap house. As his sidekick Ashtray points out, they need to stack money because they have a mortgage to pay. It’s obvious that Fez has some sense of what it means to be a responsible adult.

Is Fezco in love with Rue?

Rue might not have gone out of her way to show her care and affection for the puppy-eyed Fezco, but the fact that she is able to confide in him, and truly, openly, be her own self around him vouches for the love and fondness she has for the boy.

Did Rue do drugs at the end of euphoria?

When we first meet her, she’s buying drugs just moments after arriving home from rehab; by the end of the episode, she’s using them. We watch her survive a fentanyl scare, attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings and lie about her sobriety, and, finally, try to stay clean for Jules.

Did rues sister die in euphoria?

Did Rue die in the Euphoria finale? At the moment, it is unclear if Rue died at the end of Euphoria season one finale. However, she definitely relapsed after being sober for three months. … In the final moments of Euphoria season one, episode eight, Rue returned home from her high school prom.

Why did Jules Mom leave?

When Jules was 11, her mom took her on a “road trip” to see a psychiatrist. … About halfway through the tour, Jules realized that her mother had lied and she was being admitted to the unit. During her stay in the psychiatric hospital, she self harms, but she is eventually able to leave once she recovers.

Is Nate a psychopath?

Unlike other TV jocks, Nate’s power trips come with layers of unresolved trauma. His calculating nature also sets him apart from the average ‘roidy football player. He’s not just aggressive; he’s psychopathic. The first episode showed Nate flipping out in a fit of anger after seeing his ex-girlfriend with another man.

Does Nate actually like Jules?

It’s possible Nate actually does have genuine feelings for Jules, but as of right now, he’s unable to separate loving women from controlling them; to him, these concepts are one and the same. … It’s not the kind of love that Jules, or Maddy, needs. In contrast to Jules, Rue sees Nate exactly for what he is.

Did Jules sleep with Nate’s dad?

And that beautiful moment comes when Jules is in a very fragile state, having learned “Tyler” is actually Nate, a guy who has been out to get her since he found out she slept with his father — one of many married, older men she’s had sex with since hitting puberty.

What happened to Nate in euphoria finale?

In Sunday’s season finale, Nate and his father Cal (Eric Dane) had a violent fight that ended with Cal fleeing to his office while Nate banged his head on the floor and screamed. EW talked to Elordi, who’s Australian, about the shocking scene, Nate’s motivations and mastering his American accent.

Who died euphoria Episode 8?

Jules is still on a high from her encounter with Anna, and Rue seems not jealous in the least. And later we get a fantasy scene from Rue imagining herself killing Nate and setting him on fire, about 10 minutes into the episode. So Nate died in a fantasy, but no one has died in the episode yet as of 10 minutes in.

How old is Fezco?

In his first acting gig, 21-year-old Angus Cloud plays character Fezco, unlikely hero of HBO’s youngest-skewing drama.