How Do You Transport Cremated Remains?

The USPS offers the only legal method of shipping cremated human remains domestically or internationally.

You can ship cremated remains via the USPS provided they are packaged in a strong and durable container and are sent domestically using the USPS Priority Mail Express service..

How much does it cost to ship cremated remains?

The cost to mail cremated remains is determined by the cost for Priority Mail Express Service and the weight of the consignment. A package containing cremated remains generally costs between $25.00 and $75.00 to send by USPS.

Which airlines allow cremated remains?

Of the “big three” American carriers, United Airlines and American Airlines require cremated remains to be transported with carry-on baggage. Delta Air Lines lets you check cremated remains or carry them on, but it also requires a death or funeral certificate.

Does Delta allow cremated remains?

Cremated remains can be accepted as either carry-on or checked baggage, or shipped unaccompanied as cargo. The passenger must have a death or cremation certificate. … Passengers may also transport an urn as checked baggage, as long as it successfully passes through screening.

How long does it take a crematorium to cremate a body?

Depending on location, the cremation process can take anywhere from 3-15 business days. Some states have laws requiring a waiting period before a cremation can even take place. The actual cremation can take about 3 hours, and processing the cremated remains takes another 1-2 hours.

Can you take cremated ashes on American Airlines?

When you travel with cremated remains, they’ll be treated as your carry-on bag. No special documentation is needed if you’re traveling domestically, but please contact a local consulate or burial advisor if you’re traveling internationally since the rules vary.

How do you transport ashes?

The cremated ashes must be packed in a siftproof container. A siftproof container is one that will not allow loose material to sift or leak out during transport. The United States Postal Service (USPS) also recommends that the siftproof container then be placed in a sealed plastic bag.

Do you need permission to take ashes on a plane?

Cremated remains can be carried on board our flights in either your hand baggage or checked baggage. In order to comply with regulations, you will need to carry with you all necessary documentation, including a Certificate of Death issued by a competent authority from the country of departure.

Can you send cremation ashes through the mail?

Cremated Remains may only be shipped using Priority Mail Express® and Priority Mail Express International® service for shipping human or animal Cremated Remains domestically and internationally. Priority Mail Express comes with USPS Tracking®. … You can visit your local Post Office to have the package shipped.

Does the skull burst during cremation?

They didn’t. However, extreme heat does make bone very fragile, and a burning skull can shatter if something falls on it. In the aftermath of a house fire, this might make it look as if someone’s skull has exploded. But no, skulls don’t explode in the crematorium.

Do airlines transport deceased body?

You can’t arrange air transportation for a dead body on your own. Most airlines will transport dead bodies but you’ll have to work with a funeral director or a specialized transport company. The shipper must be designated as a “known shipper” by the TSA. Many funeral homes are approved as known shippers.

How long can you keep ashes in a scatter tube?

How Long Do Scatter Tubes Last? The scatter tubes are made to last forever if kept on the shelf but if buried or submerged in water, they will immediately start to biodegrade. The tubes are made from recycled cardboard.

How do you travel internationally with ashes?

9 Tips for Flying with Ashes and Cremation UrnsKeep the urn in your carry-on bag. … Give yourself extra time to get through security. … Check to see if your urn is labeled as “flight ready.” … Talk to a licensed funeral director before traveling internationally with cremains. … Skip the airport – Mail the cremains instead.

Do you need permission to scatter ashes abroad?

If you want to transport the ashes abroad, you should obtain a special Overseas Certificate from the crematorium required for taking ashes abroad – formally called ‘Certified Copy of an Entry of Cremation’. This shows all the details regarding the cremation and the entry number in the cremation register.

Can you scatter ashes anywhere?

Can you scatter ashes anywhere? … You are able to scatter ashes anywhere where you have the landowner’s permission. This means that whether you wish to scatter ashes on private land, or in a more public place, you’ll simply need to ask the owner’s permission.

Can you transport cremated ashes on a plane?

Travelers are allowed to travel with cremains in a checked bag, however it is recommended to do so in a carry-on bag to help protect the contents from the risks associated with checked baggage. … Crematory remains in carry-on must pass through the X-ray machine to be screened.

Can I travel with an urn?

Yes, urns (and the cremated remains, or “ashes” inside) are allowed on airplanes. Security personnel will not open the urn out of respect for the dead, so the urn container will need to be screened via x-ray. This means that you cannot take some types of urns onto the airplane.

Can you transport ashes across state lines?

It is easy enough to travel cross-country with ashes in a car—there are no specific regulations regarding transporting ashes across state lines by car. … Or, the funeral home can provide you with a burial transit permit if you wish to have that with you, as well.