Are PCSOs Paid?

Do PCSOs carry handcuffs?

PCSOs may, subject to permission from their force, carry handcuffs and leg restraints which are both governed by the Criminal Law Act 1967 or common law and can be used in the same manner as a constable.

They may use them for detaining or arresting a person using reasonable force under the powers listed..

What qualifications do I need to be a PCSO?

In general, you do not usually need any formal qualifications to start as a PCSO. Services will be more interested in your personal qualities and character. You will need good communication skills, and experience of working with the public in community settings will be useful.

Can PCSO issue speeding tickets?

Naturally they cannot give tickets, but all speeding vehicles are logged and entered onto a database which produces warning letters that are posted to those caught driving too fast.

What hours do PCSO work?

What are a PCSOs normal working hours? PCSOs work in shift patterns, covering an average of 37 hours per week, between eight O’clock in the morning and midnight over seven days a week (but not bank holidays).

What is a PCSO salary?

£28,820Metropolitan Police Service PCSO Salaries in London, UK Area. The typical Metropolitan Police Service PCSO salary is £28,820. PCSO salaries at Metropolitan Police Service can range from £21,000 – £31,235.

Are PCSO real police?

Police Community Support Officers ( PCSOs ) work with police officers and share some, but not all of their powers. Special constables are volunteers who have the same powers as police.

What is the age limit for a PCSO?

18 or overAge requirements You must be 18 or over at the time of applying.

How long is PCSO training?

a 10 weekPCSOs go through a 10 week training programme before they are allocated to a Neighbourhood Policing Team. Our Learning & Development team have described what happens in that crucial first few weeks.

What can a PCSO not do?

But what is their exact role and what powers do they have? They do not have powers of arrest, cannot interview prisoners or carry out the high risk tasks of police officers.

Can a PCSO search you?

Your rights, and the law Usually, under ‘stop and account’, the police officer or PCSO doesn’t have the power to force you to stay. You can’t be searched or arrested just because you refuse to answer their questions.

What do PCSO deal with?

A PCSO’s duties might include: Dealing with minor crimes, such as vandalism, graffiti, litter, abandoned vehicles and antisocial behaviour. Intervening at an early stage to try to deter crime. … Providing crime prevention advice, supporting crime victims and reassuring the public.

What is the difference between a PCSO and a police officer?

What is the difference between a PCSO and a police officer? PCSOs do not have powers of arrest, cannot interview or process prisoners, cannot investigate crime and do not carry out the more complex and high-risk tasks that police officers perform.